We are constantly on the lookout for the best people in various fields (research and development, chemical and pharmaceutical production, Supply Chain, Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT …) people inspired by the urge for progress. All of this in a global, value driven group that cares for the wellbeing of its people. Will you be part of it?

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Whether you want to apply right now for a concrete vacancy, or whether you just want to stay in contact with us: everything begins with joining our Talent Community.



Signing up for our Talent Community allows you to receive customized job and event alerts sent to you via email. So you will never miss any interesting opportunities and can react as soon as they appear on the radarYou determine the types of jobs sent and the frequency you receive them.



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If you have applied, we give you feedback as quickly as possible – in a letter, by e-mail or on the telephone. Good news? Then we are looking forward to seeing you for an interview.


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In this phase, we want to get to know you better and discover just what your ambitions and talents are. You are therefore welcome to come in for an interview with the recruitment people from our HR Department. Sometimes a future colleague will join you at the table. Make sure you ask questions yourself, as this is a unique opportunity to get to know what we expect from you. After these interviews, we run you through a few more tests to gauge your skills and personality. And then? Maybe you’ll be off to work with us!


The Janssen campus is extremely interesting for anyone doing a placement. Every year, we welcome more than 150 trainees in different areas: from pharmacists to engineers, from technicians to administrative talent. A traineeship is undoubtedly the best way of getting a taste of what it is like to work at Janssen. And it might just lead to a permanent position on our campus. Discover the traineeship opportunities at Janssen!